Monday, 26 September 2016

Autumn Term in Malvern, let's learn to tango in time for those Christmas balls !

Time to blog ?
We seem to spend so much time sitting in front of our computers these days, updating profiles on social media, checking our emails, when actually.. why are we doing this ? Because we want to dance... ?

So, please accept my apologies for the my lack of attention to this blog for such a long time - to be totally honest it is simply that I released I was spending too much time sitting on my bottom instead of using it. But the guilt has set in and I feel inspired now to write again at least to spread some goodwill around the world about the huge benefits & joys of dancing.

Today, I will simply update everyone with news of our new "school term" the essential information concerning our scheduled tango classes.

Here, in quiet and rural Great Malvern, Worcestershire, we are incredibly proud  to be able to offer everyone, from absolute beginners through to advanced tango dancers, the opportunity to learn and improve Argentine tango only from the most experienced and brilliant teachers we can offer.  Miriam & Dante are renowned world class dancers who travel the globe regularly performing, and teaching tango. They are the Principals of the Oxford Tango Academy, which is acknowledged to be the UK's largest Tango academy, forging links nationally and internationally with other exciting tango groups. We strive to give our dancers the chance to learn from these kind of people, who will inspire you by their great enthusiasm and sheer devotion to dance and tango culture.

Watch a video here & read the biography of Miriam & Dante:
Here is a video of us performing in Salon Canning, Buenos Aires a few weeks ago:
More videos and photos on our website:

MIRIAM & DANTE have become known for their passion for teaching and dynamic and expressive performances. They are currently based between London and Oxford, and as well as teaching weekly classes in Central London, are directors of the biggest tango school in the UK, comprised of two thriving tango academies: The Northern Tango Academy and Oxford Tango Academy. They have been guest artists in tango schools, milongas and festivals across the world, including the Mallorca Tango Festival, Nottingham Tango Festival, Porto Tango Festival, Ulverston International Music Festival, Karlsruhe Festival, Che London Tango Festival and The International Book Fair Mexico 2015, as special guests representing the British Council. They have also been part of shows with important orchestras such as Tango Siempre, Aurora Orchestra and Daniel Melingo. They were finalists in the World Tango Championships in Buenos Aires in the category of Tango Salon (de pista) in 2015. 

We have been working on our pedagogy over the last eight years and have developed a unique method for learning, using a lot of conceptual explanations as well as detailed technique and often some anatomical explanation. We have found certain ways of explaining both movements and body awareness which improve student's dancing significantly - we have also of course had the opportunity to study with some of the important maestros in Buenos Aires and have adapted and adjusted key concepts based on our own dancing experiences. Our backgrounds and our trajectory are quite different from most dance couples and this has given us a unique pedagogical approach - which we are always excited to share with our students.

When we're not seriously working in classes here in Malvern with Miriam & Dante, then you  can find us at our Practicas, sharing with fellow dancers our practise, and developing huge passion for endless beautiful tango music.
An increasing number of dancers also now travel to neighbouring tango groups and dance at milongas, or social dances, or as time goes by, those retro Tea dances! You can literally fill your life with uplifting joyful dance ..

But, I mustn't linger, lets get on with the important information about classes !

So, for the beginner or absolute beginner, we are running a special 6 week course with Miriam & Dante, who will start everyone off with an advantage. I believe it is always better to learn direct from the top, as habits can be difficult to change as we know, so if you are lucky enough to be able to book into the course then you'll be well-prepared for taking tango further at any time you wish to.

Tango for all!  new courses starting next Wednesday 5th October with leading Argentine dancers just returned from South American tour Miram Orcutt & Dante Culcoy. 
at our tango "home" for the last 7 years, The Lyttelton Well, Church st, Great Malvern WR14 2AY. 
centrally situated in the spa town of Great Malvern, next to the beautiful (usually flood-lit at night) Great Malvern Priory. After the class, there are bars and cafes where you can go for a drink. Prezzo, Gallery 36, Ask, Pubs.,  etc.. 

The dates :
Tango for absolute beginners, NEW six week course 
Wednesdays 7.15 - 8.15pm as follows ;

1. October 5th - Miriam & Dante
2. October 12th - Miriam & Dante
-   October 19th -   Practica week, (NO class) opportunity to practise skills learnt so far and enjoy whole evening of tango music (no charge for beginners) 
3. October 26th - Miriam & Dante
4. November 2nd - Miriam & Dante
5.. November 9th - Miriam & Dante 
6. November 16th - Miriam & Dante (end of beginner's course)

However, as this a special structured course, it is important to please enrol now, as there are limited places!    
email  or tel 07785 359528 

Tango absolute beginners, NEW six week course £45  
Please note this is a  pre-booked course only.  

Other classes are available to drop-in dancers as well as regulars.

8.20 - 9.20pm  Fundamentals / improvers class 
9.30 -10.30pm  Intermediates +  class 
fees £9 drop-in per class, 2 classes £14, or block of 5 classes £40.

The tango term is 5th October - 7th December. 
Lots of Christmas parties and Milongas to enjoy in December / New Year.. start getting ready now  

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