Friday, 18 December 2015

Come to the ball Cinderella, your dreams just may come true ..

I am incredibly excited about everything this weekend - yes, maybe  it’s nearly Christmas (panic, shopping? cooking etc?) but first, we have our annual festive party milonga, the rather sophisticated sounding “Tango & Canapés“ at the equally swish Feathers Hotel in Ledbury, an enchanting country market town in Herefordshire. Just over the hill from Tango Malvern’s birthplace  2009) + regular meeting place, (Malvern,)  the Feathers has presented itself as the perfect location for a truly romantic idyllic Christmas tango party.  Of course, we love to dress up for the occasion, this year we’ve simply suggested “elegant tango de salon,” inspired, to be honest, after watching the live screening of the Tango World Championships in Buenos Aires, August this year, especially as two of UK’s (and recently at Tango Malvern) most respected dancers and teachers, Dante Culcoy and Miriam Orcutt were finalists there!  Not only did their performances inspire us to want to dance elegantly like them, but the dresses and suits the dancers wore, were magnificent, to say the least!  Don’t worry, we won’t be judging your personal dress style -  sadly, I never quite managed to get to Buenos Aires to shop for a “cinderella-dress” in time, but nonetheless, we do hope you will enjoy expressing how you love to dress for a real tango ball ! 

Over the last few months, I have met on a few occasions, and danced with, an utterly charming man Hector Espinosa who is a brilliant photographer in his own right, but also dances with great passion and sensitivity and has been hugely appreciated by numerous people in the tango world for his iconic images of tango. I am delighted that Hector will be joining us this Saturday 19th December for “Tango & Canapés” at the Feathers, which I know will come as good news for the ladies..but also, he will be discreetly holding his camera during the evening and hopefully catching some of those precious, wonderful moments .. these pictures will not be uploaded onto social media until they are approved of by the subjects and then hopefully, a donation could be made to the very worthwhile charity that Hector supports .. Hector Espinosa, who's fundraising for @CasaAlianzaUK on @JustGiving.  you can donate now

This way, I hope you will agree, we can all enjoy Christmas, our beloved tango, and help  a worthy charity as well.. we are extremely grateful to Hector for his participation in this idea, too..xx


  1. Oh dear! What has happened in the last (almost) year at Tango Malvern, no one seems to be taking care of the blog!

  2. Oh dear! What has happened in the last (almost) year at Tango Malvern, no one seems to be taking care of the blog!