Friday, 22 May 2015

Misa a Buenos Aires

Spring has arrived without doubt, with one of the most breathtaking bluebell displays on and around the Malvern hills ever. There is a lot to love, to be proud of and to celebrate in Malvern. We owe so much to the natural beauty of the area which has inspired numerous artists, musicians and writers for centuries. Today we continue along this road of practising and developing the arts in an even wider sense.
The Malvern Festival Chorus has presented our Argentine Tango group with an unprecedented opportunity to dance our beautiful tango, the non-show, "non-Strictly" version, the tango of the people, as part of their wonderful concert on 13th June in Great Malvern Priory.  We look forward to working with the chorus and their orchestra Tango Siempre, in furthering the development and appreciation of the hugely rich tango music and culture originating from Argentina over a hundred years ago.

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